Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Went out with Lonnie again yesterday :)

Went to 1st Avenue.

RedBox RedBox! :D

Had a lot of Fun with you guys. ;)

Damn today school starts again. /.\

So boring, but had some Fun too .

Talk and laugh with Bro's

Jiaming, Santhos and Helbert.

Then Teacher gave us KFC coupons.

Helbert, Bro your the stupidest person I've ever known in my life ==

He ask me the Rm 5 coupon if tear half can use as Rm 2.50 2.50 is it?



I can't stop laughing. DUMB Bro! very stupid!


Hey baby boy!

I Love you till the bottom of my heart.

I missssss you :(

I want to meet you FAST!

Need you now! need your hug, kiss.

I miss that guy who always stares into my eyes and made me blush.

My heart will be with you always. :)

It beats for you so listen close ;)

Mumu darling :)

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