Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yesterday after school

Me, world, num, jia ming, and santhos

ate at BBQ plaza

The vegetable are more then the Pork and chickens. lol

Me and world ate 3 bowls of green chillies

I don't my taste buds have problems or the Chillies not spicy lol

then after we finish also the girls haven't arrive.

Our total is Rm 111.05 for 5 person

including student card and BBQ plaza member card discount

so its 30%.

Then after pay then we go find the girls at Sushi King.

then I was kinda moody that day

so I left them first and go red box alone

sang for 45 mins only my RM 14 gone

then movie started.

The last two rows are my class peeps

my row from left--world, tatar, me, Candy, Fahz Med, Fahz wen, Num.

and I don't really remember behind row peeps

I know is Santhos is right behind me and Jia ming next to him

LMAO the most funny part is when there's a sad scence

and guess who cried ==


Dude, I thought your so bad and cool like a gangsta.

But you cried before I did? Okay :x

then I had to admit that I screamed really loud. ><

First time scream when watch ghost movie. zzz

and jump to Tatar to hug her. lol

Then the movie ended like this

The air stewardess also died :(

The whole plane only left the engineer and a father with his daughter.

And on my mind was okay I'll never take planes to Phuket.

Who knows? Its 407 T.T

Then movie finish we walk around.

I was bored walking with the girls and I look really awkward with them

They all wearing dress, earings, heels and make up

While me only short jeans and shirt and my sneakers.

Well okay :\ I'm as pretty as they are.

So I went home first.

Reached home then nothing to do.

Took some pictures.

Last friday I went to fish spa and did facial for the first time

Now my skin looks better

and my eyebrows got fixed a bit.

the fish spa was so ticklish.

So many fishes biting my legs

felt like Piranha eating me. lol -.-

So my Short post ends here.

Good Bye :D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That's me :)

Smiling all time.

But deep inside, I'm kinda broke into pieces.

I'm really upset for the way you treat me.

But I have no way to express it.

You don't Love me like how you did before.

You don't have time for me anymore.

Your being really mean to me.

I know I used to be childish and bad to you before.

But, I already changed. Okay?

Please be like before.

I want us to be happy.

We used to skype till 3 am.

Talk for hours.

Missing each other. kissing each other through the cam.

Sweet talks and texts.

Where did all that go? I really miss those times.

Its okay, I won't give up on Us.

We've made a long way to build this relationship.

So, I will give my best to make things work.

I Love you Baby. ♥

The only thing I can do when I miss you is.

Look back to all our pictures we took.

I Miss you Darling. :'(

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Babe ♥

Paradise Sandy Beach.

Haruki and Lonnie the Biatch :P


I'd change myself from now on.

Not for you, and not for me

But for US. ♥

I don't want to Argue no more.

I don't want to let you hear me cry no more.

I just want Us to be happy.

I promise you that baby.

I don't want to lose you after all we've been through.

You're my EVERYTHING and you know that.



Dear Boys, sorry but I have to hurt you guys.

Please forget me and leave me alone from now on.

No one will ever be able to make me love them like How I love Him



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Went out with Lonnie again yesterday :)

Went to 1st Avenue.

RedBox RedBox! :D

Had a lot of Fun with you guys. ;)

Damn today school starts again. /.\

So boring, but had some Fun too .

Talk and laugh with Bro's

Jiaming, Santhos and Helbert.

Then Teacher gave us KFC coupons.

Helbert, Bro your the stupidest person I've ever known in my life ==

He ask me the Rm 5 coupon if tear half can use as Rm 2.50 2.50 is it?



I can't stop laughing. DUMB Bro! very stupid!


Hey baby boy!

I Love you till the bottom of my heart.

I missssss you :(

I want to meet you FAST!

Need you now! need your hug, kiss.

I miss that guy who always stares into my eyes and made me blush.

My heart will be with you always. :)

It beats for you so listen close ;)

Mumu darling :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm not pretty, I'm just Photogenic ;)

Got too bored x)

Chikalicious Us ♥

Yesterday after sending my dad to the Airport

Hang out a bit with Lonnie.

Bought Journey 2 Mysterious Island Tickets

And went to had dinner at master choo.

Chit chats ♥

Pay the bills went to watson to Buy some stuff

walk walk walk.

All shops are closed LOL.

So took pictures in toilet :D Camwhore x) ♥

And continue walking

Stop by at Oihio Yogurt shop (wrong spelling) xP

Mine's is kiwi frogurt and some Mnm's Topping on it

Cost me Rm 5 only xD


sits and outside the cinema while waiting for the time.

Baby called :)

And put on headset so we can listen x3

Had a Funny conversation.

then he hangs up after that.

Bought Popcorn and 11.45 our room is open.

So went in and watch movie.

It was Epic :D

The rock is really Funny.

But we hate Vannesa she's like such a bitch --"

Her voice is Ewwww D:

After the movie ends at 1.15

call the cab and went home.

Reach home clean up myself

and wait to talk with him :) ♥

I missss you Baby :(

Sleeps at 3 am x)


Me post ends here :D