Monday, January 30, 2012

Chikalicious Us ♥

Yesterday after sending my dad to the Airport

Hang out a bit with Lonnie.

Bought Journey 2 Mysterious Island Tickets

And went to had dinner at master choo.

Chit chats ♥

Pay the bills went to watson to Buy some stuff

walk walk walk.

All shops are closed LOL.

So took pictures in toilet :D Camwhore x) ♥

And continue walking

Stop by at Oihio Yogurt shop (wrong spelling) xP

Mine's is kiwi frogurt and some Mnm's Topping on it

Cost me Rm 5 only xD


sits and outside the cinema while waiting for the time.

Baby called :)

And put on headset so we can listen x3

Had a Funny conversation.

then he hangs up after that.

Bought Popcorn and 11.45 our room is open.

So went in and watch movie.

It was Epic :D

The rock is really Funny.

But we hate Vannesa she's like such a bitch --"

Her voice is Ewwww D:

After the movie ends at 1.15

call the cab and went home.

Reach home clean up myself

and wait to talk with him :) ♥

I missss you Baby :(

Sleeps at 3 am x)


Me post ends here :D

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